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The Weimaraner

"The Grey Ghost"

It is thought that the Weimaraner originated in Germany in the 1800's and was bred to be a strong hunting dog by Grand Duke Karl August of the Weimar Republic. This is where they gained the name "the grey ghost" of the forest. They would hunt wild boar, deer and bear, often going undetected due to their sleek silver coat.

The Weimaraner is a medium size dog and is now used by many for hunting smaller game like pheasant and grouse. They are still used for deer tracking.

The breed is very intelligent and requires good training from the start. They require a lot of stimulation and exercise, once joints are mature enough. They can be very strong-minded and stubborn and are not the breed of choice for some people. However, if you can fulfil his/her needs you will have a very loyal family member for many years. 

The only true colour of the Weimaraner is silver grey and shades of.

Blue is not a recognised colour for a Weimaraner. Please be aware of people charging more for this unrecognised colour, it is not "rare" or "unique", it is incorrect. 

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